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2012 The Doublestar Group

Warbird Alley's
Oshkosh AirVenture
2012 Photos

Page 6


The magnificent North American F-86F Sabre.
Photo by Buck Wyndham



North American B-25 Mitchell called "Georgie's Gal," operated by the Liberty Aviation Museum in Ohio.
Photo by Buck Wyndham



This makes you wonder who the first person was who realized that the lid of a trash can
was a perfect fit for the engine tailpipe on an A-4C Skyhawk.
(This example
is NX2262Z, owned and operated by Skyhawk Ventures.)
Photo by Buck Wyndham



Realistic under-wing ordinance on Grumman TBM-3 Avenger NL81865.
This aircraft is a genuine combat veteran, with bullet holes to prove it.
Photo by Buck Wyndham



The only airworthy B-29 Stratofortress, the Commemorative Air Force's famous "Fifi." 
Photo by Buck Wyndham




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