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2014 The Doublestar Group

Warbird Alley's
Oshkosh AirVenture
2014 Photos

Page 4


A Vultee BT-13 Valiant and Cessna L-19 Bird Dog are looked over by a US Air Force Bell/Boeing V-22 Osprey VTOL aircraft.
Photo by Buck Wyndham



A closeup look at the Grumman FM-2 Wildcat.
Photo by Buck Wyndham



A North American T-28 Trojan departs into the late afternoon haze.
Photo by Buck Wyndham



This super-rare North American P-64 is owned by the EAA. Unfortunately, it has not flown in many years.
Photo by Buck Wyndham



Beth Jenkins clears the taxi path as the CAF's North American PBJ-1J, "Devil Dog," taxies out for taxeoff..
Photo by Buck Wyndham



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