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B-24 Liberator: Combat Legend

By Martin Bowman

The most prolific American aircraft built during World War II, the B-24 Liberator was flown in more theaters of war by more air forces than any other four-engine bomber. Winston Churchill used a single-fin Liberator named "Commando" when traveling to conferences with the Allies around the world. This is a profile of this rugged and reliable heavy bomber which served in Europe, the Mediterranean and the Pacific.



B-24 Liberator: Rugged But Right
(Walter J. Boyne Military Aircraft Series)

By Frederick A. Johnsen

This rare assemblage of wartime records, memories, photos, personal and military histories, and in-depth technical insight brings the B-24 back to life. Written by Air Force historian and world-leading B-24 expert Frederick A. Johnsen, and based in part on his vast personal collection of B-24 lore and memorabilia, this book covers the aircraft's design and construction, its full combat history, and recounts airmen's unique memories and personal snapshots of combat in the skies and on the ground.



Liberator Album: B-24 Liberators of the 2nd Air Division, USAAF
By Mike Bailey, Tony North

This book is an in-depth study of the 8th Air Force's 2nd Air Division and its exploits, compiled from both U.S. and U.K. sources. It also contains an unparalleled collection of wartime photos and paintings showing the many color schemes.



B-24 Liberator Units of the Fifteenth Air Force
By Robert F. Dorr and Mark Rolfe

The B-24 was heavily utilized in the North African and Mediterranean theaters by the USAAF's Fifteenth Air Force, with operations over the Ploesti oilfields in Romania being some of the most famous missions undertaken by the big American 'heavy' in World War II. The stirling work of the Fifteenth Air Force is often overshadowed by the glamorous 'Mighty Eighth', yet the men flying the B-24 fought ceaselessly right through to VE Day. This is the third of five titles planned to chart the operational history of the Consolidated heavy bomber, and is the first single volume to exclusively cover the Fifteenth Air Force's B-24 units.



Consolidated B-24 Liberator (Warbird Tech Volume 1)
by Frederick A. Johnsen
Paperback, 104 pages
Published October 2001 by Specialty Press

This book is full of excerpts from original military tech manuals, overhaul handbooks, and flight crew references. It includes original engineering drawings and assembly line photos depicting the B-24 in all of its glory. Includes coverage of models A through M, PB4Y Privateers, C-87s, and C-109s. For modelers and military aviation enthusiasts.

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