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Consolidated PBY Catalina: The Peacetime Record
By David Legg

A full account of the PBY's operational history in peacetime. Includes a country-by-country survey of the military and commercial uses of the airplane, and detailed listings of various registrations. Very complete!



U.S. Navy PBY Catalina Units of the Pacific War
(Osprey Combat Aircraft #62)

By Louis B. Dorny

Using personal interviews, war diaries and combat reports combined with original Japanese records and books, Louis B. Dorny provides a view on the role of the Catalina from both sides of the war. Illustrated with over 80 photographs and color profiles detailing aircraft markings, this is the definitive history of, and insight into, the PBY's use by the U.S. Navy and Allied forces in the Pacific during World War II.



PBY: The Catalina Flying Boat
By Roscoe R. Creed

This definitive study, first published in 1985, pulls together in a single volume all of the aircraft's fascinating facts. The author carefully analyzes the PBY's dual use in the war as a plane of mercy and as a bomber, and he chronicles the flying boat's contributions in peacetime.



SNAFU Snatcher:
Air Sea Rescue Featuring PBY Catalinas, Philippines 1946

By Grey T. Larison

This is a firsthand account of the SNAFU Snatcher operation after the end of WWII. The author describes his own experiences of the immediate post-war military as part of an air-sea rescue unit in the Pacific. The author was himself a cook for the unit but also volunteered as an observer for several search flights and participated in some recovery operations. The book includes his observations on military life, the nature of war, and the experiences of a young man coming face to face with the horrors of war and its aftermath. Told with compassion and wry good humor, the book is an easy read and, in places, quite entertaining. [From a reader review.]



Black Cat Raiders of WWII
By Richard C. Knott

Author Richard Knott was an experienced flying boat pilot, and his expertise and knowledge greatly contribute to this inside story of the men who flew Catalina patrol bombers in the South Pacific under all sorts of arduous and harrowing conditions.

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