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Messerschmitt Me 262: Development, Testing, Production
By Willy Radinger, Walter Schick and David Johnston
Hardcover, 112 pages

A "must-have" book on the Me 262. Lots of documents, well--written text, color photos and previously-unpublished pictures, along with a full history of the various versions of the airplane.


Messerschmitt Me 262
By David Baker
Hardcover, 192 pages

Too late to change the course of the war, the Me262 was nevertheless a remarkable and very successful aircraft. Here Baker tells the full story, from its tortuous development through to its operational days, including details of its specs, and insight into the men who designed and flew the Me262. An exhaustive study.

Messerschmitt Me 262A Schwalbe (Yellow Series)
By Robert Peczkowski
Hardcover, 128 pages

An illustrated history of the evolution of the Me 262 A version of most famous World War Two jet fighter aircraft. Profusely illustrated with photos, including a comprehensive walk-around section showing all aspects of the airframe, and diagrams from official manuals. Includes 1/72nd and 1/48th scale plans, and color profiles showing many of the colorful schemes applied to the Me 262 during its operational life.

Messerschmitt Me 262: The Production Log 1941-1945, 1st Edition
By Dan O'Connell
Hardcover, 224 pages

This is an essential work of reference on the history of the world's first operational jet fighter, the Me 262. This book is the first detailed summary of every known and identified Me 262. Some 1200 of the 1500 aircraft constructed have been identified. The book lists sequentially each aircraft by Werknummer (Works Number) from prototypes and test aircraft through to all variants of operational machines, together with known pilots, assigned units and recorded flights. Where known the fate of each individual aircraft is given and where possible, a photo of each aircraft will accompany its entry in the Werknummer log.

Me 262, Volume One
By J. Richard Smith, Eddie J. Creek, Kenneth A. Merrick, Mike Norton, Stephen Ransom, Jurgen Rosenstock and Gunter Sengfelder
Hardcover, 224 pages

The most detailed study ever published on the Me 262, created after over 30 years of detailed research. Each volume includes vintage photos, detailed diagrams, full-color illustrations and fold-outs of the airplane and its systems.

Me 262, Volume Two
By J. Richard Smith and Eddie J. Creek
Hardcover, 220 pages

Examines the impact the Me 262 made on the course of the European air war in 1944. This volume includes detailed descriptions of the of the various weapons designed to be carried on the airplane. Contains many precise technical scale drawings and never-before seen photographs.

Me 262, Volume Three
By J. Richard Smith, Eddie J. Creek, Tom Tullis and Arthur L. Bentley
Hardcover, 224 pages

More incredible detail in the series of books on the world's first operational jet aircraft. Includes diagrams, fold-outs, and vintage photos.

Me 262, Volume Four
By J. Richard Smith and Eddie J. Creek
Hardcover, 220 pages

The latest in this incredibly-detailed series. More diagrams, fold-outs, and vintage photos.

German Jet Aces of World War 2 (Osprey Aircraft of the Aces #17)
By Hugh Moran and John Weal
Paperback, 96 pages

A detailed history of the people and planes involved in Germany's development and use of the jet airplane as a weapon. Contains photographs and text histories covering the Me 262, Me 163 and several other airplanes.

Stormbird: Flying Through Fire as a Luftwaffe Ground-Attack Pilot and Me-262 Ace
By Hermann Buchner
Hardcover, 176 pages

A riveting account of an Me 262 pilot's training and operational experiences during wartime on the Eastern Front while battling Russia. The author was one of the highest-scoring living fighter jet aces. He was awarded the Knight's Cross for flying over 600 operational missions during his career.

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