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Lockheed P-38 Lightning
(Osprey "Production Line to Frontline" Series #3)

By Michael O'Leary

This book uses lots of archival material obtained from Lockheed, and illustrates all the major variants of this famous fighter. 130 black and white and 8 color photos.



Lockheed P-38 Lightning (Warbird History Series)
By Steve Pace and Tony LeVier

A complete history of the evolution of the P-38, including variants and sub-variants. Lots of photos.



P-38 Lightning: Unforgettable Missions of Skill and Luck
(P-38 National Association, Book 1)

By Steve Blake

This book contains amazing stories told by the combat pilots, ground crews and other personnel who had hands-on experiences with the P-38 Lightning. Filled with numerous historical photos of the personnel and the plane, this book is filled with tales of bravery and humor which took place before, during and after the war.



P-38 Lightning At War
By Joe Christy and Jeff Ethell

This classic title traces the history of the Lightning from its initial design all the way though its successes in the Pacific. Contains over 200 action photos and many eyewitness accounts.



P-38 Lightning: Plane Essentials
By Malcolm V. Lowe

Full-color cutaway drawings and side-views.



P-38 Lightning
By Jeffery L. Ethell

Well-detailed, large fold-outs accompanied by brief but interesting text about the P-38.



Fork-Tailed Devil
By Martin Caidin

One of America's greatest military aviation historians relates the astonishing--and true--story of the only American warplane to fight in every operational theater in World War II from Pearl Harbor to Alaska and North Africa to Northern Europe.



Flight Manual for Lockheed P-38 Lightning
Paperback (Reprint), Published 2006

Everything you ever wanted to know about the operation and flight characteristics of the Lightning. Contains systems descriptions and diagrams, pilot checklists, emergency procedures, performance charts, and more!


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