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Warbird Pilot Resources

This page contains links to all kinds of resources specifically for U.S.-based warbird pilots, including flight planning, FAA forms, checklists, training, and more.
[ Updated: 31 August 2015 ]

Aviation sectional chart

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       See And Avoid (Military airspace avoidance)
       SUA / MOA updates
       TFRs (FAA)
       TFRs (AeroPlanner)

       National METAR/TAF Interactive Map
       Full USA Radar Mosaic Loop
       VAF Weather Center
       Weather.gov (Aviation charts)
       Flight Path Tool
       Icing PIREPs and Analysis Tool
       Lightning Maps


     Airfield Info and Approach Plates
       Airfield Directory (Airnav.com)
       World Aeronautical Database

     Time Hack
       US Naval Observatory Master Clock
     Route Planning
       AOPA Flight Planning
       How Far Is It?
       Skyvector (Online sectional chart)
       FAA Flight Plan form (.pdf)

     Fuel Prices
       Aeroplanner FBO Fuel Prices

       GPS Predictive RAIM


  FAA Form 8130-6 --
Application for Airworthiness Certificate  (.pdf)
   FAA Form 8710-1 --
Airmen Certificate and/or Rating Application  (.pdf)
   FAA Form 8710-1 --
Airmen Certificate and/or Rating Application  (.doc)
[Right click and "Save as..."]
   IACRA (Integrated Airman Certificate and Rating Application) --
Web-based application for FAA ratings.


   Code 1 Aviation -- L-39 and high-performance warbird training, including jet upset courses.
   Gauntlet Warbirds -- Training courses for T-6, L-29, L-39.
   High-Performance Aircraft Training -- Training, research support, VLJ courses, etc.
   Legacy Flight Museum -- T-6 flight training.


   FAAST (FAA Safety Team)
   FAA Safety Briefing (Formerly Aviation News)
   Flight Comment -- Canadian Forces aviation safety magazine
   Naval Aviation News -- The flagship publication of US Naval aviation
   CJAA Jet Safety Manual
   NASA ASRS (Aviation Safety Reporting System)
   Reduced Vertical Separation Minimums (RVSM) Operator Info 
   Wingman -- The US Air Force Journal of Aviation, Ground, Space, and Weapons Safety
   General Aviation Pilot's Guide to Weather Decision-Making 
   Aerodynamics for Naval Aviators -- A graduate-level textbook that is still the Bible of aerodynamics. 

   FAST Foundation and Principles (v. 21.3) 
   FAST Maneuvers Guide (v. 2.2) 
   FAST Radio Communication and Visual Signals (v. 1.2) 
   Joint Liaison Formation Committee (JLFC)
   RedStar Pilots Association (RPA)
   TRARON (Training Squadron One)

   Find the nearest FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO)
   How to Get a Replacement FAA Airman Certificate
   How to Update Your Mailing Address with the FAA
   FAA Pilot Licenses and Records
   All other FAA Airman Certification issues
   FAA Medical Certification
   MedXPress (Use this to complete your FAA form 8500-8 Medical Certificate)
   Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) online
   Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM)  
   FAA N-Number Registry
   Apply for a Letter of Deviation for the Operating Radius -- Remove the 300nm or 600nm limit on your warbird.

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