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How to submit items to WarbirdAlley.com:

We generally prefer e-mail submissions to editor (at) warbirdalley.com. (See our "Guidelines" section below.)

However, we also accept articles, photos and other submissions by regular mail. If you prefer this method, the address is:

Warbird Alley
P.O. Box 954
Belvidere, IL 61008

A couple of friendly reminders for those who wish to contribute articles or photos:

1. Due to the enormous amount of e-mail we receive, we cannot guarantee a personal response to each and every inquiry sent by our readers, but we sincerely appreciate any and all letters, notes, photos, reminisces, and contributions, and we will do our best to publish all pertinent submissions. Please do not be offended if you don't hear back from us. We will evaluate all link submissions, and we will add appropriate links where we feel they would be best located.

2. We do not have the manpower to be a research library. We cannot answer detailed questions about individual aircraft histories and markings, serial numbers, WWII crewmember's names, or similar topics. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. We recommend Google's Advanced Search tool or the forums at Warbird Information Exchange (WIX) as a great place to begin your research.

3. This web site covers aircraft types that are still airworthy in private ownership today. That's the reason we do not have listings for aircraft such as the F-84 Thunderjet, B-58 Hustler, and many others. These are wonderful airplanes, but please do not ask us to include them in our aircraft directory, since there are no flying examples of these airplanes today.

4. Most of our focus is on aircraft from WWII to the present day, but we'll certainly consider adding a limited number of other aircraft to our directory.



Submission Guidelines:

Our submission guidelines are pretty simple. We accept any article or photo you send us, but we can't guarantee we'll use it. By submitting a written item to us, you agree to let us edit it for spelling, grammar, article length, and factual content.

Submission of an article to Warbird Alley does not prohibit you from also submitting it to any other publication -- Web-based, printed, or otherwise. (You might want to check other publications' submission guidelines before doing so, however.)  If your article has already appeared in print somewhere, we'll need proof that you control the reprint rights, or we won't be able to publish it in the Warbird Alley site. All articles and photos published on the Warbird Alley site will be fully credited to the author, with an e-mail link and/or Web link, if desired.

Digital Photographs: We appreciate receiving warbird aircraft photos, especially air-to-air photos and clear pictures of aircraft cockpits.

1. Please send the highest-resolution photos you have, preferably saved as a .jpg. Clear and colorful photos are best, but black-and-white is perfectly fine for historical photos, obviously.

2. Please don't attempt to compress, crop or otherwise or edit your photos in any way. We'll take care of everything for you, and we actually prefer to do the editing ourselves.

3. For aircraft photographs, we appreciate any information about the photo you can send, such as aircraft type, registration number, serial number (if known), photo location, photographer's name, pilot's name (if known), and date taken. This will help us write an appropriate and helpful caption.

4. Do not send us a photo if you don't know where it came from. Some of the photos currently on our site came to us with no attribution attached, and we don't know who the photographer was.  If you believe you deserve credit, please let us know as soon as possible. We'll contact you in an effort to establish your credentials. If we determine are the original source of the image, we'll either add your credit or remove the photo, whichever you desire.

Please note: Printed photos submitted to Warbird Alley by conventional mail will not be returned unless you include a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE).

Tips: Try to eliminate reflections from aircraft windows and canopies, do not shoot directly into the sun, and try to fill the frame with the subject. For ground-to-air shots, use a zoom lens if necessary. Photographing an airplane without a zoom lens usually results in the airplane appearing to be a small dot in a big sky.


How to Use Our Material for Your Own Purposes:

If you want to use a photo from our site, or would like to quote reasonable* portions of our text, here's all you have to do:

1. Please give us credit by including a link to our site at http://www.warbirdalley.com, along with the words:

"Text courtesy of WarbirdAlley.com"
"Photo courtesy of WarbirdAlley.com"
or "Text and photo courtesy of WarbirdAlley.com"

2. Then, send us an e-mail telling us where you used our text and/or photo. (If it appeared in print, we'd love it if you sent us a copy to the address above, if possible.)

If you follow these simple instructions, we have no problems with you using our text and/or images. Increasingly, however, we have discovered other Web sites and even major media outlets using substantial portions of our text and/or photos in their own pages without permission. While we certainly encourage "creative emulation" of our site, lifting entire pages from our site and using them on your own site is far beyond the limits of taste, respect, and what is allowed under the Copyright laws of every country in the civilized world. We must vigorously defend our intellectual property, and we simply will not tolerate its outright theft by other sites. We have implemented several strategies to counter this threat, and will continue to utilize and perfect them as time goes by. Please respect the law, and common decency, by not participating in this type of behavior. Thank you for your cooperation, and for your continued support of our site.

If you want to use an entire article for some special purpose, or you want to reprint it in your newsletter or other outlet, just contact us. We can arrange whatever you need. We simply appreciate you asking us first. Thank you!
*What's considered reasonable? One paragraph is reasonable. One or two photos is reasonable. Copying an entire article or page is not reasonable.




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Please note that we will not consider displaying "lightbox"-type ads, popup ads, or any other type of intrusive advertising. We will only consider conventional banner advertising.


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