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North American NA-16 / AT-6 / SNJ
(Warbird Tech, Volume 11)

By Dan Hagadorn
Paperback, Published 1997

Details the evolution of the North American 16 series of aircraft. Included in this text are de-classified military schematics, detailed technical specifications, original military design illustrations, photographs from assembly line to flight line and behind-the-scenes information.



The Incredible T-6 Pilot Maker
By Jeffery L. Ethell and Walt Ohlrich

For more than twenty years, the T-6 taught American military pilots to fly, and it served with the air forces of many nations. This book documents the fascinating story of this important aircraft. Includes all models produced.



North American T-6 Texan
By Pere Redon

The T-6 is covered in its various forms and uses, including combat and training. Detailed specifications, unit insignia, and historical and present-day photographs are provided. [From a reader review.]



Advanced Flight Training Featuring the
North American AT-6 SNJ "Texan" DVD:
Nine Films and AT-6/SNJ Flight Manual [DVD]

Original black-and-white training films covering all aspects of advanced flight training in the T-6 Texan.



T-6 Texan in Action
By Larry Davis

This book describes how the T-6 Texan was utilized both as a trainer, and as an aircraft deployed in the theater of war. Contains lots of great pictures. [From a reader review.]


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