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Modeling the Mitsubishi A6M Zero

By Brian Criner

This book provides a detailed guide to modelling this popular aircraft across a variety of scales, and features an A6M2-N Rufe, a Kamikaze A6M5c, an A6M2 model 21, and a captured A6M5b of TAIC #7, as well as a gallery and walkaround section.



Mitsubishi A6M Zero (Air Vanguard)
By James D'Angina and Adam Tooby

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The Last Zero Fighter:
Firsthand Accounts from WWII Japanse Naval Pilots

By Dan King

Firsthand accounts from interviews conducted in Japan with five WWII Japanese Naval aviators. All are veterans of the pivotal battles of the Pacific War including; USS Panay, Nanking, Pearl Harbor, Wake Island, Rabaul, Port Darwin, Indian Ocean Raid, Ceylon, Midway, Guadalcanal, Marshall Islands, Tarawa, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, the Kamikaze in the Philippines, the home defense and the dropping of the atomic bomb. The book is 348 pages and includes 78 photos (many from the veterans' own albums), nine original maps and illustrations. Includes an introduction to the Japanese pilot training system for both officers and enlisted men. Each pilot is followed from the time he joined the navy until war's end. They explain in their own words why they joined the navy, what they thought about the war, about the aircraft they flew, how they felt about their friends and their former adversaries.



Koga's Zero: The Fighter That Changed World War II
By Jim Reardon

Found upside down in an Alaskan bog in the eighth month of the war with Japan, a Japanese fighter plane was retrieved and soon test flown by U.S. pilots in San Diego. Knowledge gained from those flights ended the dominance of the Zero in the Pacific. This booth contains interviews, photos and personal accounts of many of the people involved in this important project.



Cracking the Zero Mystery:
How the U.S. Learned to Beat Japan's Vaunted WWII Fighter

By Jim Reardon

For six months after Pearl Harbor the nimble Japanese Zero-sen plane dominated the Pacific air war. Then, on June 4, 1942 a Zero crashed on tiny Akutan Island in the Aleutians. It lay there for five weeks until spotted by an American plane. Hauled back to California, the Zero revealed its secrets in a series of tests and analyses. Fast, but lacking protection for the pilot as well as a self-sealing gas tank which all U.S. planes had, the Zero lost its predominance for the rest of the war. Rearden tells for the first time in detail the exciting events leading to this crucial intelligence breakthrough, as important as the breaking of the Japanese naval code. An appendix analyzes the vital statistics of the Zero versus U.S. planes. [Review by Robert Stenzel, Reed Business Information]



Combat Legends: A6M Zero [DVD]
Produced by Entertainment Programs, Inc.
Run TIme: 105 minutes

This DVD is a two-part series for the aviation enthusiast. In part one, warbird pilot and air racer Steve Hinton displays the power and handling of the Japanese A6M5 Zero fighter from World War II. In part two, learn about ace Japanese fighter pilot Capt. Masajiro "Mike" Kawato as he reveals what it was was like to be in the Japanese Navy.



Living Warbirds: World War II Fighters [DVD]

This DVD contains four programs. Part III is: "Recognition of the Japanese Zero Fighter." This military training film covers the characteristics, capabilities, weaknesses, and recognition of the World War II Japanese fighter aircraft, Mitsubishi A6M Rei Shiki Kanjo Sento Ki, known as the Zero.

The other three programs are on the flight characteristics of the F6F Hellcat and P-38 Lightning, and a video gunnery lesson.


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