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North American SNJ-5 owned by James Clark This restored SNJ-5 was owned by Bill Clark of Matamoras, Pennsylvania, and flown out of Sussex Airport, New Jersey. Bill was killed in a mid air collision while ferrying another aircraft back to Sussex. The SNJ is now owned by his son, James Clark. Contributed by Ken Clark.

A North American T-6 Texan heads west at dawn.
Photo by
Roger Wimmer, courtesy of Skipper Hyle.

Morris Ray and Doug Linville fly their T-6 Texans to Midland, Texas
for the Commemorative Air Force's "Airsho".

Photo by
Laurie Arnold, taken from the back seat of Rick Hosking's SNJ.
Harvard IV N99CV This colorful Harvard Mk IV, N99CV, is owned and flown by John Hyle, Springfield, Virginia, USA. Photo by Brian Nicklas.

John Hyle's North American Harvard (T-6), above the clouds over Texas.

John Hyle and his beautiful Harvard, above the clouds somewhere over Texas.
Photo taken by Chuck Burtcher from the back seat of Morris Ray's SNJ.
T-6 N3171G over Lake McQueeny, TX View of Lake McQueeny, Texas from the back seat of a T-6G (N3171G) formerly owned by Greer Wright. Photo by Buck Wyndham.
T-6 Four Play T-6 Four Play is owned by Jim Morgan, and is often flown in the National Championship Air Races in Reno, Nevada as Race #4 by Lee Oman. Photo by Jack Cook.
T-6 Texan over Chicago Paul Wolski flies his T-6 over Lake Michigan, just offshore from downtown Chicago, in August, 2002. Photo by Kevin Mahew, and contributed by Jim Wilson.
T-6 with smoke on Smoke On! Another great shot of Paul Wolski over Lake Michigan. Photo by Kevin Mahew, and contributed by Jim Wilson.
Harvard Mark IV Harvard Mk IV operated by the French "Memoire du Ciel" association, over New Caledonia in February 2003. Photo by Jean Paul Mugnier. Contributed by former French Air Force T-6 instructor Hughes Jurion, who also piloted the airplane for this photo.
SNJ-6 takeoff Mid-winter takeoff. SNJ-6 N21BA, owned by John Williams, tucks away its gear at Poplar Grove Airport, Illinois, USA, on February 3, 2002. Photo by Buck Wyndham.
T-6D over coastline T-6D Texan N29941 "Old Timer," (Ser.No. 52026), owned and flown by Walt Orth, Coral Gables, Florida, USA. Contributed by Walt Orth. Photographer name unknown.
SNJ-5 over Texas North American SNJ-5 N30JF (Ser.No. 44009), owned by Charles Foran of Dallas, Texas, USA. Photo by Col. Harlan Short, Commemorative Air Force.
T-6 Spanish Lady "Spanish Lady," a T-6 owned and flown by Dick Jones of Air Power West. Photo by Ken Einig.

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