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2011 The Doublestar Group

Warbird Alley's
Oshkosh AirVenture
2011 Photos

Page 7 (Final Page)

Heavy Metal Jet Team takeoff, Copyright 2011 WarbirdAlley.com

Although Thursday's airshow was hampered by low clouds, the crowd enjoyed
the "low show" performed by the Heavy Metal Jet Team.
Photo by Buck Wyndham

Bob Hoover tribute formation, Copyright 2011 WarbirdAlley.com

A very unusual sight: All the major aircraft types flown in airshow performances by aviation legend Bob Hoover over the years, flying in formation. From top to bottom: F-86 Sabre, T-39 Sabreliner, Shrike Commander, P-51 Mustang.
Photo by Buck Wyndham

Piper NE-1 Grasshopper, Copyright 2011 WarbirdAlley.com

This Piper NE-1 Grasshopper is adorned with some appropriate nose-art.
Photo by Buck Wyndham

Beechcraft UC-45 (Beech 18), Copyright 2011 WarbirdAlley.com

Beechcraft UC-45 Expeditor. also known as the Beech 18.
Photo by Buck Wyndham

T-28 Horsemen team, Copyright 2011 WarbirdAlley.com

The Horsemen demonstrate T-28 formation flying at its best.
Photo by Buck Wyndham

P-51 Mustang sunset glamour shot, Copyright 2011 WarbirdAlley.com

Did you think we'd forget the obligatory P-51 glamour shot? Not a chance.
Photo by Buck Wyndham


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